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21 Amazing Bathroom Tub Ideas Small Bath

There aren’t many items that can be as functional and aesthetical as a bathroom tub. A single tub can change the whole mood of the bathroom. That is, if it has good material and well-placed. Need some bathroom tub ideas for inspiration? We got plenty of them here.

Aside from being functional, a bathroom tub is suitable to be either a focal point or a complementary decoration. What your bathroom tub should be? That is up to you. Use the following ideas to help you decide.

Mountain Vibe

bathroom tub ideas
source : studio mcgee

A wooden bathroom tub looks good on its own. It is a go-to option if you want to have a luxurious look. That is not the only vibe it gives off, though. Combine a wooden tub with a bathroom tub surround like this one here and you get a mountain vibe from it.

The bathroom makes you feel as if you are high on the mountain. The painting on the wall makes it even so. It is such an alluring bathroom that you wouldn’t feel spending hours in it.

Farmhouse Bathroom Tub Ideas

bathroom iabathroom ideas with tubdeas with tubbathroom ideas with tub
source : apartmenttherapy

Putting a freestanding tub on the bathroom’s corner is certainly among the best bathroom tub ideas. Why? First, the corner is a difficult area to deal with. This is why many homeowners often leave it empty. By making use of the corner, one frees up other space for other uses.

Second, a freestanding tub is quite portable and looks stylish. It is a lot better choice than a clawfoot tub if one wants to use the corner of the bathroom. If you have limited space in the bathroom, opt for a freestanding tub.

Sleek and Stylish

small bathroom tub shower ideas
source : americanbathfactory

Want to make an inviting bathroom you enjoy your time in? There is no need to do a bathroom tub remodelling. Sometimes, adding a sleek and stylish bathroom tub is all that you need. This tub here is a good example.

Notice how most of the bathroom is covered in tiles. The tub, on the other hand, doesn’t. This contrasting feature allows the tub to stand out, showing off its sleekness and style and be the focal point in the bathroom, a very interesting one nonetheless.

Bathroom Tube with Curtain

bathroom ideas tub and shower
source : homebunch

Would rather have a simpler bathroom tub décor instead? Well, that’s a valid option too. When it comes to bathroom tub ideas, there is no one-size-fits-all idea. Of course, including the bathroom tub. Remember, beauty can come from simplicity.

This bathroom tub may look simple. However, it fits well with the equally simple décor of the bathroom. The tub doesn’t stand out, let alone become the focal point. What the tub does is that it complements the whole décor of the bathroom. The bathroom is beautiful, not despite but because of its simplicity.

Small Bathroom with Tub

small bathroom with tub ideas
source : cedarhillfarmhouse

If you fancy the farmhouse style, you’d love this farmhouse-inspired bathroom tub décor. Look at this tub. Its clawfoot gives a classic look. So does its shape. It completes the farmhouse look that the bathroom is trying to achieve. And it does so excellently.

A farmhouse tub, in and of itself, is a versatile choice. In a farmhouse bathroom like this, it complements and completes the décor. In a bathroom, say modern or minimalist, it will become a focal point. A warm and inviting focal point. Either way, it is an excellent option.

A farmhouse inspired bathroom is a perfect choice if you want a homely and warm bathroom. Want to create one in your house? We have collected many farmhouse bathroom ideas to help you do so. Find out more here.

Bathroom Tub Shower

bathroom tub tile ideas
source : homebunch

Having a small bathroom does limit your options. That said, it shouldn’t be an excuse, let alone stop you from creating an alluring bathroom. If anything, it should make you more imaginative and creative of what you have. For example, combining the shower and the tub.

This bathroom shower tub is a smart way to make the best out of a small bathroom. You get the functions of both the shower and tub and a good-looking décor. Want to make the shower/bath more distinguished? Just add tiles on the walls and it will be an appealing shower/tub.

The bathroom shower shouldn’t only be functional. It should also add beauty to the bathroom. Our bathroom shower ideas here will show you how to have not just a functional but also a beautiful shower.

Modern Vintage

bathroom tub remodel
source : brepurposed

Like vintage and modern styles? The two styles’ design elements surely do contrast with each other. Yet, they look gorgeous when combined. So yes, why choose if you can get both? This bathroom tub décor here proves how gorgeous modern vintage décor looks.

On one hand, you got the simple, straightforward lines and shapes from the modern style. On the other, the rustic and gorgeous looks from the vintage. As such, a modern vintage tub is undoubtedly one of the best bathroom tub ideas if you love to combine design elements.

Bright and Shiny

small bathroom ideas with bathtub
source : hgtv

Sleek and stylish bathroom tub décor does have its own virtues. So does a bright and shiny one. The bathroom combines a tub and shower, putting both in the same spot. Unlike the previous idea, however, this idea emphasizes on the bright and shiny looks.

The bright and shiny looks not only brighten the entire bathroom but also the mood as well. After all, who doesn’t like a bathroom that looks clean and hygienic like this?

Bathroom Tub Reveal

bathroom tile ideas with tub
source : designingontheside

Are freestanding and clawfoot tubs the only options? The answer to that question is of course not. There is another: a sunken bathroom tub. Compared to the two, a sunken tub doesn’t stand on its own. It also gives a unique and integrated look as well.

This sunken tub complements the simple luxury décor of the bathroom. Notice the chandelier above. The luxury is quite subtle and far from overt. Adding a sunken tub in such a subtle luxury bathroom is certainly among the subtlest bathroom tub ideas.

Bathroom Tub & Shower

bathroom ideas with tub and shower
source : farmhouse_homes

Some homeowners define alluring with sleekness, stylish, and luxurious look. Some others define it as warm and inviting. If you are the latter, this bathroom tub décor is for you. Just look at the warm décor here.

While the tub surely has a modern design, the bathroom tub faucet and the walls have a farmhouse design. This unique juxtaposition creates a clean yet warm and inviting look. The best thing about it is the subtlety of the design elements. They don’t stand out too much, yet you can just feel the vibe it gives off.

A Focal Point

bathroom ideas clawfoot tub
source : americanbathfactory

As many of our bathroom tub ideas have shown you, a tub is not merely a complementary part of a bathroom. In some situations, it can be turned into the focus of the room as well. Notice the bathroom tub décor here. What do you think?

The bathroom décor is filled with lines, shapes, and tiles. The tub, on the other hand, is sleek white. The combination of these creates a contrast and balance in the bathroom. It also makes the tub stands out as it looks very different from the bathroom tub surround, essentially turning into a focal point.

Round Marble

bathroom tub tile ideas pictures
source : cher house

Look at the amazing bathroom tub décor. Bathroom tubs are made of various materials, each of them has unique properties. For example, a bathroom tub made of natural stone like marble gives off a luxurious and expensive spa look.

The bathroom is mostly white, with slight patterns on the floor. The exception lies in the bathroom tub. The tub still retains the peculiar looks of marble. Accentuated by the white background and situated in the middle, the tub becomes an outstanding visual cue.

Bathroom Tub Tile

bathroom with tub ideas
source : sfgirlbybay

Most of our bathroom tub ideas can be applied to most bathrooms, including small ones. This one here, however, is specifically for those who are looking for small bathroom tub ideas. Notice how small the bathroom and the tub are.

Two things you want to avoid in a small bathroom are clutter and too many decorations. So the best thing to do will be to keep things simple and organized, just like the bathroom tub décor here. The décor also incorporates lots and lots of straight lines, creating the impression of a large bathroom.

Bathroom Jacuzzi Tub Ideas

bathroom jacuzzi tub ideas
source : southernhomemag

A walk-in tub is also a solid option if you have a small bathroom. The ‘submerged’ tub here basically doesn’t use up any space as it occupies the floor. As a result, the ceiling gets higher and the bathroom no longer looks or feels small.

That is not the only good thing about this walk-in tub, of course. The walk-in tub is just, well, gorgeous. You can’t help but admire and feel its inviting and alluring looks.

Freestanding Tub

freestanding tub bathroom ideas
source : domino

A minimalist bathroom tub décor looks amazing, too. Such a décor is for you if you want to keep things simple and free from clutter. Don’t worry about the looks. Even with minimal design elements, it still looks good.

The minimalist approach applies the forms follow functions mindset. And as you can see here, the bathroom is decorated with functional items, including the tub. Nothing is without any purpose, everything is functional and looks amazing aesthetically.

Modern Layout

bathroom ideas with clawfoot tub
source :spraypaintandchardonnay

There plenty of bathroom tub ideas to choose from. If your taste includes a sleek, stylish, and sophisticated, then a modern layout bathroom is for you. This bathroom here nicely illustrates such a layout.

Notice the freestanding tub on the side. Looks so sleek and stylish, isn’t it? The freestanding tub is an excellent choice for the layout as it looks so modern. The fact that it is a freestanding type also makes it easier to move around, making layout styling easier.

Simple and Clean

bathroom tub shower tile ideas
source : sincerelysarad

Moving on, now it is a simple and clean bathroom tub shower combo. What do you think? It looks so simple and clean, isn’t it? If you have difficulty in designing a small bathroom, consider placing the bathroom tub on the side of the shower.

A side by side arrangement like this is practical and aesthetical. Practical, because the arrangement saves so much space in the bathroom. Aesthetical, because both the shower and tub complement each other.


bathroom tile tub surround ideas
source : americanbathfactory

There is nothing wrong with picking a stylish double ended bathroom tub décor. In fact, with proper bathroom tub surround and styling, it will make the bathroom more alluring and inviting.

Hasn’t had any focal point in the bathroom yet? Use the tub. By itself, a double-ended bathroom tub looks very attractive. Thanks to the bathroom tub surround here, it stands out even more. The lines, shapes, and patterns create an impressive background on which the tub becomes the center of attention.

Simple Modern

small bathroom tub ideas
source : Ashley Everett Sharp

The next idea on our bathroom tub ideas is a simple and modern bathroom tub. The modern décor style is flexible. On one hand, you can create a gorgeous and delicate bathroom as some previous ideas have shown. On the other, you can turn it down a notch and keep things simple and minimal, as seen here.

A simple and modern bathroom tub décor is surely a solid option. Especially if you want a sophisticated look without having to include any complex or delicate decorations.

Clawfoot Tub Bathroom

clawfoot tub bathroom ideas
source : designsponge

Fancy a tub in a small space? Pick a compact clawfoot tub, then. Compared to its freestanding counterpart, a clawfoot tub defines the mood of the room in and of itself. You can just feel the subtle luxurious vibe here.

The bathroom tub surround also helps to define the bathroom as well. Notice the candlelight chandelier, ladder-like shelving, and the cactus on the floor. All these accentuate the luxury vibe that the small bathroom tub has even further.

Contemporary Farmhouse

bathroom ideas with bathtub
source : audreycrispinteriors

Last but not least on our bathroom tub ideas list is a contemporary farmhouse bathroom tub décor. You can notice at a glance how sophisticated and, at the same time, warm the bathroom is.

The bathroom successfully intertwines contemporary design elements on the tub, the basin, and the vanity, with farmhouse design elements on the shiplap wall and wooden surfaces. The result is a very alluring bathroom that anyone likes to spend hours and hours in.

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