21 Eye-Catching Stone Patio Ideas for Backyard and Front Yard

This particular gallery will share to you a collection of gorgeous stone patio ideas different backyard designs. The kind of stone that you would choose to use for the backyard would have a major impact on the feel and look. Here, you will be able to find ideas and tips for using various forms of stone materials so as to make and design a great-looking patio design that will be loved by everyone.

The backyard that you can see in the photo shows a raised stone patio having a tiny hedge wall with external lamp lighting on the ledge. The floor was an orange tinted flagstone that was arranged on a random pattern whilst the wall shows a combination of brown, beige and grey river stones that were stacked on a random formation.

The warm and rich tones of these stones used in making the patio match very well with neutral brown clapboard portico of the house and also, it goes very well with neutral blue shade used on patio furniture.

Mediterranean Style Patio with Round Stucco Fire Pit

Mediterranean Style Patio with Round Stucco Fire Pit

This house having the combination of rounded and clean whitewashed walls and a columnar built-up space of slim-sliced split-faced sandstone is achieving that perfect Mediterranean feel.

When it comes to patio flooring, it features a neat square tiles in the unpolished limestone, which happens to be a great base for using dull red cushions for patio furniture. The patio’s center is focused on the built-up fire pit that was made in similar whitewash stucco that is same with the walls of a villa.

Contemporary Patio with Flagstone Patio on the Backyard

Contemporary Patio with Flagstone Patio on the Backyard of a Luxury House

This modern luxury home comes with a lengthy, linear patio that stretched from here to there and decked with dark brown and light beige furniture, ranging from the sunbathing chairs to coffee table sets.

The flooring for this one was made on a huge flagstone plan with the use of fine-grained crude limestone. A short wall is the one that separates the patio from pool and it serves as the little plant boxes.

Beach Style Patio

Beach Sstyle Patio
image : houzz

We usually source our unbalanced limestone flagstone from different quarries across Wisconsin. It is available by bulk on the pallets and then we cut the stones into pieces using cutoff saws and chisels. At times, we get lucky and various pieces simply fit together.

Starry-eyed Stone Patio Ideas

Romantic Stone Patio Ideas
image : Houzz

Ideally, our little patio sections will be in such cohesive but irregular pattern.

Paver Stone Patio with Backyard Fireplace

Paver Stone Patio with Backyard Fireplace
image : Zillow

Though small, this particular classic backyard patio manages to appear to appear inviting and warm because of a built-up fireplace on the end. Having 3 stone arches, some white and red rock were used and turned into small piles that has been backed a tan stucco wall.

Its flooring comes with tiny cut pieces of sandstone in various shades and set within the classic herringbone pattern. A little green patch is seen on the lifted plant box having small grass and tree.

Outdoor Lounge Stone Patio Ideas

Outdoor Lounge Stone Patio Ideas
image : Photography: © Lauren Hall Knight

With a lot of room and space for furniture, this patio was made using stone strips giving similar benefits as solid design, yet water could drain over the soil underneath.

Southern Patio and Stone Walk

Southern patio and stone walk
image : Houzz

Just outside the stone fireplace of the living room with French doors is also a great stone patio idea which captures similar comfy feeling out as the room within. The Montana ledgestone of the chimney relates to the used stone which offers fragrance and color across all 4 seasons.

Backyard Hardscape and Landscape Stone Patio

Rear Yard Landscape and Hardscape Stone Patio
image : ofdesign.net

Define the external zone with the planters. When the patio is situated far from the house, you could still form an entrance using a collection of huge planters.

Planters, hefty pots or urns would draw the eyes in then mark the entrance going to the patio. A low stone hedge, steps & shrubs are some other available options.  You can also group the plans on a pot and see the beautiful result.

Traditional Patio Concept with Fire Feature

Traditional Patio Ideas in Other With a Fire Feature
image : picofile

Look at the stacked-stone wall and a stacked-stone retentivewall & flagstone patio form a private alcove that is suitable for having fun evenings across the fire. Plantings all over and over the wall contributes to the elegant and secret-garden ambiance. You could have more ideas for the stack-stone walls.

Stone Patio Ideas Mid-century House

Stone Patio Mid century House
image : pwarrenarchitecture

A little deck does not just provide a transition between the patio or yard and the architecture, yet it lets you have that amphitheater –style seating.

Conventional Stone Patio Ideas with Fireplaces

Family Fun for Everyone Traditional Patio Ideas
image : maryprincephotography.com

Nick and Cheryl worked along with the ND Landscape for designing their patio hardscape. The paving for this patio is the bluestone & the walls, pizza and fireplace are the fieldstone with the bluestone caps.

Bluestone Backyard Patio Ideas

Stone Backyard Patio Ideas
image : backtobosnia.com

If you were scared away from the concept of stone patio installation, ensure that you have a pair of work gloves made of leather, mallet and chisel with safety glasses ready to be used. Being able to chop off the weird angles would be a great help in terms of creating the pattern.

Bluestone Patio with Rustic Fixed Fire Pit

Rustic Stone Patio with Fire pit
image : Zillow

Located on the grassy slanted terrain and this backyard patio comes with piles of random coursed bluestone to work as the retaining wall perimeter and it forms a circle with the entrances on the sides.

The center is featuring the built-up fireplace on similar stacked stone whilst the flooring is on the alternating pattern of the square-shaped bluestone. The typical lawn chairs on the weathered wood were decked all over the fireplace and decorated with the old-fashioned green heave pillows.

Flagstone Patio with Circle Bricks Stone Fire

Flagstone Patio Idea with Circle Bricks Stone Fire
image : designingidea.com

This modern style rear yard comes with bright vermillion cushions on natural rattan finish external furniture. This particular brilliant shade is going well with muted orange beige tone of sandstone flooring that has been set in the random-coursed ashlar style. The patio has been surrounded by the pine trees and palm trees, forming that beautiful tropical contemporary backdrop.

Traditional Patio with Exterior Stone Floors

Huge Stone Patio Design Ideas
image : Zillow

A little circular patio inside the huge reddish flagstones was laid on the crook of the weathered wood wall. This particular rustic style rear yard patio comes with a lighter reclaimed wood for the retaining walls & tiny steps, resulting to the patio.

Designed and adorned with the simple soft lawn chairs in scattering, dark brown pebbles on a boundary prior the lawn is adding the bespoke touch.

Cozy Patio Furniture on Luxury Outdoor

Cozy Patio Furniture on Luxury Outdoor
image : ameradnan.com

Simple pavers that are made of cement if laid out the property would provide a backyard patio the luxurious and polished appearance. Here, the small square slice cement pavers are organized within the random course, bordering the cobble rosette within the middle in which the tea table of the black woven rattan is spotlighted.

Surrounding the table are matched black rattan stools, tables and armchairs having plain white cushions & decorative throw pillows. The back wall covering with surface that has been decorated with the planters is built up from the cement brick on the alternating pattern.

Conventional Stone Patio Ideas in Napa Residence

Traditional Stone Patio Ideas
image : bluttershiff.com

Give that stylish backdrop for the plantings. The natural stone is the ideal foil for any form of planting. In this one, the low stone wall is adding appeal to the waving grasses & diverse flower beds and it defines the patio.

Contemporary Landscape Stone Patio

Modern Landscape Stone Patio Ideas
image : Houzz

Inspiration for the small contemporary shaded courtyard external sport court in Sacramento! It is interesting to see how the tiles are separated and flush by the gravel which borders them.

Stone Patio with Fireplace

Stone Patio with Fire Pit
image : ACM Design Architects

This is a backyard stone patio that goes great to the woods, being a bit distant far from the house and is completely surrounded by thin shade of trees. Built to the dugout of a slope, this patio is lined with huge stone blocks on a rounded bench layout coming with the main fire pit in similar stone finish yet in smaller cuts.

Stone Patio with Furniture Chairs

Stone Patio with Furniture Chairs
image : nikkikavanagh.com

It is an affordable substitute to importing and hauling natural stone, poured concrete could be done up with the bordering lines like this backyard which decided to go with uneven hexagonal type outline.

It is not easy and non-slip to maintain and the grey coloring permits the redwood turf chairs to pop and add color. It’s also a good base to the well-maintained lawn & garden swarming with flowers.

Stone Landscaping Patio Concepts

Stone Landscaping Patio Ideas
image : landscape-tips.com

This beautiful and good-looking stone patio design mixes in excellently well with natural environment which covers it.

Serene Patio Spa

Serene Patio Spa Ideas
image : colonialstone.com

This particular backyard patio has been the most ideal place to have fun with your evening meal in the end of a long and tiring busy day. It would be an excellent way of making your hot tub appears at home with beautiful natural stone finish.

Backyard Stone Patio Ideas and Sitting Wall

Backyard Stone Patio Ideas and Sitting Wall
image : squarespace.com

When you like spending tons of time in the backyard, this particular patio is a good all-purpose backyard retreat. With room for the grill and the dining table, you could enjoy numerous summer meals and move to built-in fireplace with the natural stone desk wall.

Natural Stone Patios and Sitting Walls

Natural Stone Patios & Sitting Walls
image : colonialstone.com

Who requires a wood deck if you could have a great natural stone surface which leads straight to natural stone patio, forming an excellent outdoor space where you can spend time with loved ones and friends and entertain them.

Natural Stone Patio Ideas

Natural Stone Patio Ideas
image : colonialstone.com

When you like the best in the natural stone patio that you possibly would not be able to select from the options, but why should you select! This patio comes with a deck, the patio space and the sitting wall nestled on the nice outdoor oasis. Get a glass of wine and enjoy the view.

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